Registration Fees


A) Before 30 September 2012: Registration Fees – 180 Euros (€)

B) Afterwards: Registration Fees – 200 Euros (€)

C) Students: Registration Fees – 100 Euros (€)

Fees will cover:

  • Attendance to the Symposium
  • Documentation and digital copy of the Proceedings with full manuscripts
  • Coffee breaks and Lunches.
  • Entrance to Fruit Attraction.


1)    Go to

2)    Click on “Tipo” and Select “Congresos, Jornadas y Conferencias”

3)    Click on “Subtipo” and Select “International Symposium on Plum and Sweet Cherry”

4)    Press “Continuar” and then “Aceptar”

5)    Fill the Form with your Personal Details and then Press “Continuar” and then “Aceptar”

6)    You have now 2 Options:

  1. “Imprimir” (Print out the invoice and handle to the bank or your Institution financial office)
  2. “Pagar Recibo” (You can pay with your Credit Card)
18 May 2012